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Technology Excellence Awards

Brands Academy annually organizes Technology Excellence Awards for the deserving brands in India. In today's ever changing and hi-tech world, our company provides a platform to each and every tech company who is or who wants to make their brand known. The basic concept Technology Excellence is stated below:

We offer Awards to companies after analyzing their technology and whether they are working as per the international quality standards and maintaining the quality of their updated technology. The companies who are awarded might be visited by our team of professionals ensuring no partiality. There will be proper research conducted for analyzing each and every perspective of the company.

So, let's start planning to participate this year in Technology Awards and take your company to the different successful level. Get in touch with us for nominations and please feel free to Contact for any queries.

Our Objectives

  • Identifying the best technologies and innovations that will be going to satisfy customers the most
  • To emphasize the importance of technology in today's hi-tech and competitive world.
  • The importance of Technology Awards in India enhances with the requirement of motivation and appreciation for particular companies.
  • To introduce a platform to companies who can showcase their token of quality work and advanced technologies.
  • 2017 Technology Awards will be going to be held at Bangalore in the month of August this year. Our Tech Awards will surely be going to amaze you with the excellent growth prospective and wide appreciation of your company in the market.

    We nominate companies on the basis of following categories:


  • Banking Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Construction Technologies
  • Consumer Electronics/Technology
  • Cyber infrastructure including Internet Portals and Services
  • Cybernetics
  • Digital Technology
  • Drilling Technology
  • Ecommerce Technology
  • Educational Technology
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Energy Technology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Film and Video Technology
  • Geographical Technology
  • Health Care Technology
  • Manufacturing/Production Technology
  • Media Technology
  • Military Technology
  • Mining Technology
  • Music Technology
  • Nano Technology
  • Online Shopping Portals
  • Radio Technology
  • Rail Technologies
  • Safety/Security Technology
  • Sound Technology
  • Space Technology
  • Telecommunications/Mobile Technology
  • Transport Technology
  • Travel Technology
  • Waste Treatment Technology