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PM Narendra Modi is one of the most inspiring personalities of our nation. We can give him a name of “Man of Words” as he delivers what he says. As he becomes Prime Minister of India, he started taking his responsibilities seriously and implementing them. His contribution to India in these two years is really appreciable. Unlike other ministers, he not only makes promises or do fake marketing of his strategies but he make every effort to implement them.
If we compare Modi’s government with others then we came to know the huge difference in the words and actions. PM Namrendra Modi has come with developing plans and strategies for India which is helping our nation to grow and transform as per the latest technologies.
It will be interesting to match the words and actions of PM Modi:

Digital India
Yes, we are aware about the concept of Digital India and how Modi has promised us to implement those schemes. Modi’s government is putting their efforts to make India as a Digital country where every individual can use services electronically with convenience. It includes digital education, online service, making cashless payment and many more.

Make in India
The increasing number of import of foreign products is creating problems for Indians as it reduces the production and sales of our country and gives rise to unemployment. The government took initiative towards it and helps citizens to start production in India itself. It also promotes the Government’s mindset of Minimum Government, Maximum Governance.

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
Narendra Modi himself describes India as the most open economy for FDI which give boost to employment in country. The amendments in FDI (100 percent) will be highly beneficial for nation. Campaigns like “Make in India” also pushed the FDI up. The promise of PM Modi of improving the employment opportunities is delivering somewhere.

The recent step taken by Narendra Modi is “Demonetization”. The practice of taking out black money from India is the step that should be taken years ago. While common people are facing some problems but still the huge number of black money is coming out and will benefit the nation in future as equalization is the dream of our PM.

Apart from all these, various promises are taken care and have implemented for the welfare of India.
Swach Bharat, Pradhan Mantri, Jan Dhan Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Awas, Smart City Yojna are some steps that are also taken by Modi’s Government.

The above discussion actually states that PM Narendra Modi has actually execute what he says or promises so the above title ‘Man of Words’ is totally justified for him. Our PM is really a right combination of marketing and delivery that cannot be criticized by anyone.

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