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Whether it is organizing an event or launching a product, every ceremony needs media coverage for nationwide recognition. But it becomes quite difficult when you have to make choice among media and for what audience you are trying to make yourself visible in the market. For example, youngsters are more likely to be present on online platform. Firstly, it is very important to understand the types of media coverage and how can it help you in boosting your product. Different media has varied impacts on the participated organizations.

Let us understand the different types of media coverage for more suitability.


First and the most important media which comes in our mind is TV. More compelling and attention seeking media coverage can be done with the help of TV as it shows instant benefits to the audience with support of audio and visuals.

The coverage can be both taped or live and have different benefits as well. Through this medium, you can cover large audience and can repeat the telecast.

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One of the oldest and cheapest medium of media coverage is radio which can access in almost every part of the nation. Direct response from PR campaigns can be yielded if done correctly.

In this coverage, you can opt for both taped and live recording and can repeat multiple times for more exposure and recognition.


Print Media has always been one of the demanding mediums for media coverage and it still holds the position. Print Media cover large number of population and helps companies to get recognition on national level.

One can use this medium through articles and by lines which are printed on regular basis.


One of the popular medium among youngsters is online or digital which help to access large number of population to reach. Online Media Coverage helps companies to establish their brand image for longer period.

In this coverage, companies and individual can access the audience at any moment. Social Media plays a vital role in making this segment more successful.

Above stated all the media coverage has different benefits and disadvantages which actually affect the brand image of the organization. So, all media coverages are effective and efficient at the same time depending upon the requirement of clients. MediazGroup, a branding organization can help you in finding out the most suitable firm for the betterment of your organization.

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