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Being a traveler, I have visited number of countries and experienced different cultures, infrastructures, economies and food as well. One thing that I have realized among all the countries that India is one of the most promising countries as it is still developing by infrastructure, economy and technology, education, tourism etc.
But if we compare US growth after 65 years of independence to India, India is doing far better than any other country. All the basic resources with quality are present in India. However, things are still developing in each sector but the speed of getting them is appreciable.

Indian Economy

There is no doubt that Indian Economy is rising gradually and will do wonders in future. The PM Narendra Modi is taking every required step to make economy strong that will help to remove poverty at very large scale. The new economic reforms are transforming India and develop other aspects of economy.

Infrastructure Growth

After 65 years of Independence, India’s infrastructure is noticeable in that short period. Both rural and urban areas are in a way of development. Various schemes were implemented to construct schools, hospitals, police stations and other basic amenities in rural areas to bring employment and to offer some ease to residences.

Education Sector

If we talk about education growth in India as compared to other nations, then India is doing far better and achieved a descent level of education in India. As students are migrating to other countries for higher education, India is also making efforts to provide excellent quality education and creating good employment opportunities that will reduce some rate of brain drain from our country.


As India have initiated with the program of “Digital India”, the technology sector is also growing and at a very good rate. People of rural areas are now getting connected to technology and making their work easier. It took so many years for US to adopt technology in their life after independence but India has proved that it is the most adaptable country by adopting the latest technologies in education, production and in other fields as well.

There is no doubt that India is most interesting and a fun travelling country where one can enjoy democracy with all the levels of development. India comes under developing country but still various sectors of industry are developed to that extent where people are getting satisfied gradually. Number of NRIs is making plan to return because of resources getting available in country. After finding most of the corners of India, I personally believe that India has gain lot of success in terms of development in such a short period.

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