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We all know Arwind Kejriwal as a Chief Minister of New Delhi. But the initiatives he has taken for removing the corruption from country have not been unseen from us. Things he started were all in favor of the general public or we can say “Aam Aadmi”.
He can also be considered as a social changer for the society as he took very necessary steps that should be taken years ago. The voice against corruption is the main topic he raised and was very successful as number of Indian supports him. From a common income tax officer to a Delhi’s Chief Minister is a great achievement. He has transformed various rules and regulations in the city and tried to solve the issue of water and electricity in Delhi. He was also awarded as “Asia’s Most Inspiring Young Social Change Maker” by Brands Academy, reputed brand Management Company. Arvind Kejriwal has taken numerous steps for the welfare of the society and some of them are listed below :

Water and Electricity Subsidies

The most prevailing problems of Delhi includes Water and electricity surges. The Chief Minister of Delhi understands the problem of common people and implemented Water and Electricity subsidies for them. It benefits the larger portion of the society from poor to middle class families. The basic amenities are now available at most parts of Delhi and at reasonable rates.

Odd Even Formula

The increasing number of vehicles in the city stared creating problems for the pedestrian or people who are using public transports. Most of the people with private vehicles are travelling alone which raise the rush in the city. The idea of odd even formula come from Arvind Kejriwal and which states all four-wheelers can be driven according to the last digit of their vehicle number. The odd number cars can come on road on odd dates only. This was a trial and implement twice till now for one month period.

Corruption Helpline Numbers

Along with crime, Delhi is also enlisted among the topmost corrupted cities. Therefore, Kejriwal had come with the new corruption helpline numbers that allows people to complaint about any problem related to bribe or any other form of corruption. This gives public a sense of confidence to raise their voice against right things.

Social Welfare Schemes

Various Social Welfare Schemes related to quality education, women’s safety, drink & drive, poor infrastructure were also introduced by AAP. These schemes are really helpful in transforming the society on different aspects. The trend of starting parents-teachers meeting, do not drink in public area are some of the contribution to the society.

Youth Attraction towards Politics

As Arwind Kejriwal changes the vision of Politics and focuses on Common Man and basic things that should be changed for welfare. This attracts large number of youngsters towards AAP and motivated them to support him. Even various things were appreciated in beginning and number of NRIs were looking forward to come back in India if these amendments will made as per Kejriwal.
The above contribution of our Chief Minister definitely makes him a social changer that helps in transforming the society to some extent. Social Change is required in society to make it safer and disciplined and the ministers like Kejriwal are helping in delivering such changes.

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