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Recently, one of the reputed research firms “Big Research” has conducted survey to find out some facts about the latest digital trends and social issues of the market. Research was conducted on various topics but here we are concluding main topics which generally strike to our mind.

Apple phone

The trend of using Apple product is not hidden from any of us. We can see iphone in hands of every next person as it is considered as a status symbol among students and our young generation. The survey has made it clear that Apple products are mostly used by the employee level or students as they feel it to be maintaining their status by carrying apple in their hand. While on the other hand, Research has cam e to point that entrepreneurs and CEOs are less diverted towards Apple and see better options in the market with some extra features.

Facebook profile

Facebook? What is facebook? 70% of Indians are using Facebook in today’s scenario. The social networking platform offers connectivity to each and every person in the world. Big Research has come with result that the number of fake profiles is increasing rapidly. The reasons can be fake publicity, advertising or some with wrong intentions but the point is that how can we came to know about the realty of profile. Whether it is fake or not? Some points are discussed below that can help you:

  • Unreal Profile Pictures
  • If unreal or inappropriate profile pictures are uploaded by any of profile, then it can be fake or profile with less images and less post can also be fake as users forget about their profiles and hardly opens it for long period of time. Even we can consider cover photos, if you find both display picture and cover picture to be unreal, then profiles may be fake.

  • Incomplete Information
  • If the profile does not describe the information about an individual then profile can be fake. Because, it is natural that real profiles are updated with most of the recent activities or about working place or place they belong to. If you get fail to collect that information, then profiles can be fake.

  • Over commenting, liking or sharing inappropriate links
  • Some profiles contain inapt content in their profiles and no descent or real person will make such posts for destroying their image. Sometimes you find some profiles like and comment on each and every pictures unnecessarily then you can came to know about the fakeness of those profiles.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Most of us have activated DND services on our mobiles but have we ever thought that this action can also be wrong for our future. Yes, we all get irritated when we receive unnecessary calls from companies and we are busy. But the recent survey, Big Research told that this service is somewhere helpful for all of us and can cause loosing of golden opportunities from us.
Sometimes, we activate DND services for those who can present some excellent job opportunities or some business opportunities for you and because you will not receive any call, you will lose it.
The next problem you can face by activating DND is that you are totally unaware about the latest deals and offers prevailing in the market which can also be useful for your personal benefit.

Education and entrepreneur

How Education and entrepreneur are related to each other? If we talk about highly educated personalities then it is clear from the research that people who get higher degrees or education are less intelligent and away from practical things. However, on the other hands entrepreneurs with slight low education are proved smarter and intelligent as they are connected with each and every situation of business. The highly educated people make complicated decisions and over thinks about everything.

Wastage of personal resources

Some resources are made for personal reasons and for our comfort zone and it can include cars, televisions, Air conditioners, Mobile phones and many more. Survey conducted by “Big Research” has come with result that we are wasting our personal resources at very large scale. For example, we individually use these resources even after having an option to use together. We do not share our resources which can lead to less consumption. The wastage of personal resources indirectly affects our essential resources such as water, electricity and etc.

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